Unit Portrait
Agron P
Unit Model
Zeus and Leto
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Zeus and Leto
Maximum Health: Unknown
Minimum Health: 3000 (Zeus), 5000 (Leto)
Armor: 5 (Zeus), 7 (Leto)
Damage: 55
Armor Reduction: 2
Attack Speed: 0.86
Range: 1.2 Melee
Detection Radius:  ?
Movespeed: 1.45
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): Ultras, Agrons
Rarity: Unique
Unique Trait: Thick Skulled
Ability: Rampage
Charge on NM: N/A
Survival Difference: N/A

These two are a pair of giant Agrons with thick armor. Zeus is the smaller dark green one, and Leto is the larger tan one. They are simple bosses with a few key abilities, most notably rampage. They are slow moving and can not turn quickly, but they have a strong attack. Overall, they should be easy to kite.

Zeus and Leto only appear in Recruit Mode, and replace Seth as the Mineshaft Event. These bosses are a simple exercise in kiting, drawing attention and team cooperation. Lure them around while the team shoots them and hits them with abilities. If they rampage, stay a safe distance and sprint if they come your way. Remember they have thicker armor on the front, so try to hit their flanks and sides. They will revive if not brought down together so it is best to bring them both down to low health and then kill them both at about the same time.



Just like a standard Agron, Zeus and Leto are capable of ascertaining the position of any enemy around it. They can detect invisible units like a cloaked Mobility Recon and Subtlety Marksmen.

Thick SkulledEdit

The frontal armor on Zeus and Letos is very similar to that of Tartarus. Their front receives greatly reduced damage, their sides receive normal damage, and their rears take extra damage. Try to position yourself for the best shot.



Ocasionally, a message will display that "Zeus and Leto go on a Rampage." Their attack speed will increase 100%, and their movement speed will increase by 40%. The damage dealt by their kaiser blades will also decrease by 20%, and their armor will be decreased by 90%. It is best to simply avoid them during this period. Sprint as necessary, and hit them from a distance. Both Zeus and Letos must still be alive for this ability to trigger.


If Zeus and Leto are not killed within 4 seconds of each other the dead one will respawn. They will not respawn more than 2 times, and will never respawn if only one player is alive.

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