A win is any campaign or gamemode (including survival mode) in which a player survives until the end. Wins are recorded and their information is used for a variety of purposes. Wins began recording as of a patch in mid-Novemeber 2011, and earlier wins are not retroactive to said patch. Any wins recorded after this date can be viewed by using the -wins command. Wins are sorted by campaign, and nightmare and speed bonus wins are displayed separately.

Victory RewardEdit

Any time a player defeats the final boss of a campaign and survives to the end, they receive a large victory bonus. This reward includes large sums of Experience, and Rating as well as Karma and Credits.

Speed BonusEdit

If a team completes a campaign within the hour and twenty five minute mark, they are awarded a Speed Bonus. These bonuses include additional Experience and Rating on top of the normal victory reward. Speed Bonuses increase in reward as difficulty increases, to further promote fast paced gameplay.


Most medals are only awarded upon winning a game. There are a few exceptions such as Superior Service Medal and Bronze Star. Note that even dead players are eligible to earn medals awarded upon winning, but only if the team as a whole remained eligible for such rewards, common examples being the Expeditionary Medal and Navy Cross. Silver Star will not award a medal if the player has died with less than 10 hits, nor will Superior Service Medal be awarded if a player dies before wave 20 or 40 (two Super Services can potentially be earned in a round of Survival.

Class PointsEdit

Any surviving players will earn a class point in whichever class they selected at the start of the campaign. Likewise, they will then have a chance to lose a class point in any class slot they did not play as. This chance to lose Class Points varies by difficulty. By consistently winning as the same class, a character builds up class rewards and can unlock additional Shields and start at level 2.

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