Night of the Dead 2 features a massive arsenal of high powered weaponry. Guns ranging from humble assault rifles to enormous rocket launchers and railguns are available for players to wield. There are however, still some important things to note. Unlike NOTD1, weapons no longer use the Common/Uncommon/Rare system to determine quality. They are now split into two categories. & . These categories drastically change what the properties of a weapon are, including how often they spawn.

Normal WeaponsEdit

These are the more common of the two weapon categories. But make no mistake, this does not make them "weak." They range greatly in role and quality from dedicated anti-horde weapons like the Automatic Shotgun and Flamethrower to dedicated anti-boss weapons such as the Anti-Materiel Rifle. All normal weapons use the adaptive ammunition system, and require standard reloads to rearm them. Normal weapons can be found randomly spawning around the map, awarded for doing missions and secondary objectives, or looted from armories and weapon lockers.

The following are classified as normal weapons.

Melee WeaponsEdit

A special sub-category of normal weapon, Melee weapons are exactly what they sound like. These close quartered weapons wield terrifying power, but at the cost of coming into extremely close range with the enemy. Users need a careful hand and quick reactions, lest they be eaten alive by the very enemies they are trying to chop to death.

The following are classified as melee weapons.

Special WeaponsEdit

The less common of the two weapon categories. Special weapons are exceedingly rare and very powerful. But they pay a hefty price for such power. In addition to being extremely heavy items and very cumbersome to fire, heavy weapons each require a specialized ammunition to fire. Without the corresponding ammunition a special weapon is useless. Ammunition for these mighty guns is both very difficult to find and in very limited quantities, making careful usage of the guns an absolute must. Don't let these drawbacks fool you though, special weapons can instantly turn the tide of a battle. They have some of the highest damage output or largest splash radius of any attack or skill ingame. Special weapons spawn in very limited quantities per game. Currently one special weapon will appear in non-nightmare difficulties, with two appearing in nightmare.

The following are classified as special weapons.

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