Veteran Mode
Difficulty Information
Official Name: Veteran Mode
Activation: All players at 500+ Exp & SR > 1800
Campaign(s): All Campaigns
Fog of War: Renews Often
Team Locator: Detects Nearby Allies Only
Mineshaft: Optional Boss Seth Only
Victory Bonus: 20 Exp, and Rating & Karma
Speed Bonus: 40 Exp, and Rating & Karma
CP Decay: 20%

Veteran Mode is the highest of the three standard difficulties. It has enemies and bosses almost at Nightmare strength, but while still retaining their simplified movesets they have in Normal and Hardened. For all intents and purposes, Veteran Mode is the difficulty played by Nightmare caliber teams "relaxing" with a less intense match. It is still a serious challenge, and winning is no easy feat. Great lengths must be taken to ration and scout adequate stores of ammunition. Veteran Mode retains the same item drops as Normal & Hardened.

  • Note that "vet mode" is a blanket term often used by players to describe any three of the non-Recruit, non-Nightmare game difficulties that require all 500+ exp players.
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