Basic InfoEdit

SC2 in-game name: Thermidor

Forum name: Thermidor

Server: EU

I am a Sysop Admin of this wiki. My main job here is to oversee the wiki and make sure everything is as it should be (i.e - dealing with vandals and other problems). Secondary jobs include updating and adding to pages where possible, adding class guides to the wiki etc.

E-mail is (dantheman came from what my old form teacher used to call me). E-mail is something that I don't check that often so just posting on my message wall or PMing me on the forum is more likely to get a quicker response.

Experience MilestonesEdit

  • 10k exp -6th February 2012
  • 20k exp -13th April 2012
  • 30k exp

Contribution MilestonesEdit

  • 500 contributions -14th April 2012
  • 1000 contributions -29th November 2012
  • 1500 contributions - 11th November 2013
  • 2000 contributions
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