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Talent Points are used to upgrade your characters abilities and skills. At the start of the game you will have a single talent point and your character will be level one. Each time you level up you will gain an additional talent point to further upgrade your skills.

Talent Trees[]

Each class has two separate talent trees, also known as skill trees. By upgrading the same tree repeated with each level up, players will earn access to better skills. When a player has used four talents on the first two skills in a tree, also known as Tier 1 skills, they can move on to the second row of skills, aka Tier 2 skills.

Once a total of eight talents have been spent on a single skill tree, players may unlock their Tier 3, or Ultimate Skill. These skills are very powerful and are basically signature skills to the class. Earning them in very critical to survival.

Bonus Talent Points[]

Having 10 Class points in a class will let you start the game at level 2 if you play with a class in that slot.