Survival Mode is a fast paced game mode that is separate from the three main campaigns. It can be activated by clicking a Survival button just above the campaign menu.

Note that Survival Mode requires all players to have over 1000 Experience. The Survival button will not appear unless all players have over 1000 Experience.

All 14 Character Classes in Night of the Dead are unlocked and avaliable to play regardless of Experience and Rating.

The game mode has players facing against wave after wave of enemies and several boss rounds. Players are rewarded Experience every wave, and a set amount of Credits after every five waves. Difficulty scales exponentially by wave and only the strongest teams can survive. The full list of survival mode waves can be found here. A Survival game in Recruit Mode will end after wave 20, whereas in all other difficulties, it will run through all 40 waves.

Differences from Campaign ModeEdit


The biggest difference in Survival Mode is the screen is darkened considerably. This mechanic is compounded on lower graphic settings, due to less ambient light, no flashlights on the characters, and less effective Road Flares. However, players should be sticking together at all times in Survival.

Overwhelming SpawnsEdit

In Survival Mode enemies spawn continuously and all around the players. Threats are constant, and can appear seemingly from nowhere. Even players in fortified positions should be wary of enemies appearing at random. Mercifully, most enemies have to unburrow when they spawn.

New Enemy AbilitiesEdit

In order to balance certain weapons and classes in Survival, some enemies gain new abilities not seen in other gamemodes or difficulties. These abilities are specifically noted under the enemy pages.

Weakened BossesEdit

Because of Survivals nature, most bosses are significantly weaker than their campaign counterparts. Many have lost most, if not all of their abilities and have drastically reduced health. However, some bosses such as Lelanthos and Erebos appear in numerous swarms, completely unlike campaign.

Road FlaresEdit

All players start with a Road Flare in their Inventory in Survival Mode.

No Class Proficiency GainEdit

Winning survival mode will not award any Class Proficiency

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