Unit Portrait
Strangler P
Unit Model
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Strangler
Maximum Health: Unknown
Minimum Health: 125
Armor: 20
Damage: None
Armor Reduction: None
Attack Speed: None
Range: 7
Detection Radius:  ?
Movespeed: 2.5
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): Strang, Hug
Rarity: Very Uncommon
Unique Trait: Flyer
Ability: Neural Parasite
Charge on NM: No
Survival Difference: None

The flying equivalent of Huggers, the Strangler have low health, but very high armor. Their thick armor makes them highly resistant to many weapons. The Shotgun, Stinger, Laser Rifle, Barrett, and XM814 HMG will kill them fairly quick. High damage skills also work well. Stranglers, being flyers, are not inhibited by terrain. They can easily ensnare unsuspecting Marines over a wall or sight blocker. When Stranglers are present its best to stick close to the team and avoid walls and ledges.

Stranglers also have an Air to Air attack. This rarely affects Marines and is only a threat to things like the Recon's Reaper Mk-13 Drone.

Stranglers rarely appear in Easy Company. They make their sole appearance during Bio-Dome B. In Alpha they make up a large wave before the battle with Ivax, but are not seen outside that. Stranglers make a small appearance in the Apollo Security Team Campaign as part of Athena's horde or during the mission Destroy the Reactor.


Stranglers have acute senses and can detect cloaked units in a small radius. Any unit using cloak to avoid enemies should use extreme caution when Stranglers are about.

Neural ParasiteEdit

Stranglers posses a similar ability to the hugger, allowing them to ensnare a player with a long vine-like tongue; a process called "strangling". When "strangled", a player is totally immobile and unable to move or attack, but they can still use items. If not quickly rescued or protected by teammates, a "strangled" Marine will surely die to even the weakest enemy.

-NOTE: Stranglers can not be Mind Controlled as they will explode.