Stat points are used to augment your characters base stats and increase his combat performance. You start with 2 stat points to spend when you first player NOTD. You will gain 2 more stat points per rank up as well as an additional stat for each Level 3 Medal you earn. Each stat caps out at 9 points. Stat allocation can be edited until the player uses his first Talent Point or reaches Marine Experience level 3.

You may have 46 stat points (1 too much). This requires the user to be Master of the Universe and have achieved rank 3 in each and every medal.

After achieving the final rank, the user will always have a promotion notification upon the first quest of every game. The promotion rank will be an image of a grey square.

  • Strength - Health +12, Weight Tolerance -0.000075
  • Agility - Movespeed +0.0234, Reload Time -0.08
  • Perception - Critical Strike +1%, Detect Radius +0.5
  • Endurance - Health Regeneration +0.043, Ailment resistance +2.2%
  • Intelligence - Energy +5, Energy Regeneration +0.0156

Stats Gained per RankEdit

Rank Stat Points Available
Private 2
Private First Class 4
Corporal 6
Sergeant 8
Staff Sergeant 10
Sergeant Major 12
2nd Lieutenant 14
1st Lieutenant 16
Captain 18
Major 20
Lieutenant Colonel 22
Colonel 24
Brigadier General 26
Major General 28
Lieutenant General 30
General 32
General of the Army 34
Master of the Universe 36
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