Recruit Mode.png
Difficulty Information
Official Name: Recruit Mode
Activation: Any player under 500 Experience
Squad Rating under 1550
Campaign(s): All Campaigns
Fog of War: Functions Normally
Team Locator: Full Effect
Mineshaft: Zeus & Leto
Victory Bonus: 10 Exp, and Rating & Karma
Speed Bonus: 10 Exp, and Rating & Karma
CP Decay: 25%

Recruit mode is the "standard" game mode. A common sight in most matches filled via public matchmaking, it is activated by default should any one member of the team have less than 500 Experience or the Squad Rating is below 1550. Players that drop during the load screen are not factored into deciding whether the game is on Recruit, and although their player slot may read zero experience, their bank file could not be read, therefore the game does not know the player's actual experience and so is counted as having zero experience. Should all other players be over the 500 mark, the game will not be on Recruit.

Recruit is overall a training mode for New Players. It features higher amounts of Ammunition, simpler boss mechanics, laxer enemy spawns and a non-lethal friendly fire damage reduction of 75%. It also features an adapted set of items and weapons that accommodate its simpler nature. However, due to the easier nature making game completion faster, the time needed for the speed bonus is reduced to 1 hour 15 minutes in Recruit Mode. Overall the game mode should be a proving ground for newer players, to learn from their senior officers.

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