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The very first mission you'll ever complete. Your team will be grouped together outside of Apollo, on the edge of the map. After a brief period to gather the initial supplies and prepare your skills and stats, the gates will open and you will be rushed by a group of zombies. This mob can include any of the following, Ghouls, Stalkers, Zombies, Hulks, and Agrons. The later ones are more likely to appear as the squad rating and difficulty increase.

After the horde lies dead your team will work its way towards the Mining Colony. Once there your team will have to first kill off the stragglers and then download the recent log files from the central databank. A progress bar will appear onscreen. To collect data simply stand on the Hexagons near the computer, the more hexes in use the faster the download.

Afterwards the Mining Station will be rushed by Zombies and Ghouls from all sides. Gather your team and hold your ground. After the fight you can decide your next move. On Normal and Nightmare Modes, you will also be assaulted by multiple Huggers.

Any surviving Security Personnel will follow your team until killed. They provide shared sight, act as meat shields, and as extra guns. "Mini-Marines" do the same base damage as players' UA GPR-12, but do not need to waste time reloading, and do not run out of ammunition.

Any surviving Civilians will follow the team. They have incredibly low health and are totally defenseless. They will however move towards the Colonist Transport alongside the other civilians rescued from the Downed Transport. If these civilians reach the transport safely they will count towards the Civilian Escort mission and the Legion of Merit Medal.

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