Ratings is an estimate of how good the player is. Rating is lost should you die, fail or take too long to complete an objective, take too many hits or kill another teammate. Rating is gained should you win and complete an objective within a certain time.

The maximum rating you can have is 2500. If you gained ratings after a game and created a new one, the rating will display only 2500.

Rating also determines how many lives (Badly Injured) your character will have. Player with less than 100 XP will start with 5 lives. Players with greater than 100 XP will start with a maximum of 3 lives.

  •      <  1700= 3 lives
  • 1700-1799= 2 lives
  • 1800-1899= 1 life
  • 1900-2500= 0 lives

Rating also allows players to select the Engineer, Pathfinder, Commando and Psi-Ops at 1700 rating should they meet the required Rank Experience requirement. Rating even allows players to Votekick another player if they have 1600 rating and 2000 Rank Experience, but 3 people must Votekick the same person for that person to be removed from the game.

Movespeed BonusEdit

Players will have their movespeed affected as follows:

  • 1600-1699 = +2% Movespeed
  • 1700-1799 = +3% Movespeed
  • 1800-1899 = +4% Movespeed
  • 1900-2099 = +5% Movespeed
  • 2100-2299 = +6% Movespeed
  • 2300+ = +7% Movespeed

Weapon Switch Time ReductionEdit

High rating players are able to switch weapons faster than usual. The following list is the percentage of how fast your weapon switches. Please note that Rating Switch Time bonus factor calculates last, after the class/weapon/weapon mod checks

  • 1600-1799 = 10% reduced switch time
  • 1800-1999 = 20% reduced switch time
  • 2000-2199 = 30% reduced switch time
  • 2200-2399 = 40% reduced switch time
  • 2400+ = 50% reduced switch time (you switch weapons 2x faster than usual)

Increased Rank Experience gainEdit

Higher rating awards the player with bonus Rank Experience when they are victorious in a camapaign. For every 100 rating above 1500, you gain +1xp.

Ratings Loss ResistanceEdit

The Assault's Juggernaut, Demolitions' Bomb Suit, Flamethrower's Dreadnought Armor and the Technician's Armored Chassis allow them to be Eight times more resistant to Ratings loss from hits compared to other classes. This is because they are Heavy Classes designed with a skill tree designed for tanking, or otherwise absorbing damage.

The Medic with her Combat Shield is slightly more hit & ratings loss tolerant than the other classes. This is because the player often must place themselves in danger when rushing to an ally's need, or simply because they are often up front healing, and likewise taking more hits than other Light Classes.

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