Night of the Dead 2Edit

Rank Experience returns in NOTD2. Once again, it is the primary reward for playing through a game mode to completion. Rank Experience is primarily used to achieve higher Ranks, but now has other uses that deviate from this. Most pressing is the inclusion of the "Military Occupational Specialty" or MOS System into NOTD2. This replaces the old Class Proficiency system, providing players a new way to gain permanent bonuses in their favorite classes.

Night of the DeadEdit

Rank Experience is gained by completing main missions and bonus objectives. Additional xp is granted for Mission Performance should a mission have been done within a certain time and effectively. Bonus experience is granted for completing a campaign with a high Rating, the amount rewarded depends on how high your Rating currently is. Experience is your key to unlocking new content such as new classes, game bonuses, and storylines.

It should be noted that higher Ranks earn additional experience upon Campaign Victory. You get +1 xp per every 10k of experience you already have.

It takes approximately 120 hours of game play to achieve 10,000 experience.

Experience Unlock MarksEdit

0xp = All storylines (throughout June/July 2014 only, will return to normal later), Rifleman, Assault and Medic classes
100xp = Recon class
500xp = Marksman class
1000xp = Flamethrower Class. Access to Class Proficiency and Survival Mode.
2000xp = Demolitions and Forward Observer classes
2500xp = Engineer and Pathfinder classes (Rating requirement involved)
3000xp = Technician Class
5000xp = Full Credit Store Contents, Engineer and Pathfinder classes, Commando and Psi-Ops classes (Rating requirement involved)
10000xp = Commando and Psi-Ops Classes
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