Open Wound
Open Wound
Ailment Information
Name: Open Wound
Effect 1: -1 Health Regen
Effect 2: None
Fatal: Yes
Visual: Blood Trail
Duration: 4 Minutes
Max Stack: 10
Cure Skill: Surgical Laser
Cure Item: Bandage

The attacks of the infested inflict terrible wounds on the Marines when their shields are down and their armor has been compromised. These grievous injuries bleed profusely, draining the afflicted player's very health at a steady rate. Only the surgical prowess of a Medic or the battlefield first aid of the bandage can instantly cure this ailment.


Any attack in NOTD made by an enemy has a chance to inflict an open wound. Agrons have the highest chance give Open Wounds, this can be deadly when coupled with their wide splash and powerful attack.

Hammer of the GodsEdit

One of the Technician's Tier 3 skills, this powerful turret inflicts an open wound on every target it hits. This includes allies, as well as enemies. Be wary of this fact when being near the turret or in its effective range.


One of the more unusual bosses, almost every attack Apoptosis has inflicts the target with at least one open wound. Ironically, the wounds themselves are necessary to hurt the monster.

Damage Source XP HP Damage Taken Chance
Non Friendly Fire >=100 <=90% >5 1/90
Non Friendly Fire >=100 <=40% >5 1/10
Agron >=100 >5 1/2
Black Ops >=100 <=95% >5 1/2



The phrase time heals all wounds is true, at least in this instance. An open wound will disappear 4 minutes after it first is inflicted. However, whether the player can afford to simply walk-it-off is another matter entirely.


A bandage will restore 50 health to the user and cure one open wound. One can in theory cure as many wounds as he has bandages for. A player can also use the Fibrin Bandage command to use hit bandages on an ally as well.

Surgical LaserEdit

As with most injuries, the ever useful Surgical Laser of the Medic will cure one open wound on the patient. The somewhat long cooldown can be problematic many allies have wounds or one character has a particularly high stack.

Saline IVEdit

The Rifleman's Saline skill, when upgraded to level 3, will cure an open wound, venom, and heal 60 health. This is very useful as it keeps the Rifleman fairly self sufficient, and helps conserve the Medic's energy.

Combat HardenedEdit

The Commando skill, Combat Hardened, will instantly cure every stack of open wounds, among other ailments. However the skill itself has a high energy cost and long cooldown.

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