Difficulty Information
Official Name: Normal Mode
Activation: All players at 500+ Exp & SR > 1550
Campaign(s): All Campaigns
Fog of War: Renews Often
Team Locator: Detects Nearby Allies Only
Mineshaft: Optional Boss Seth Only
Victory Bonus: 20 Exp, and Rating & Karma
Speed Bonus: 40 Exp, and Rating & Karma
CP Decay: 20%

Normal Mode is the easiest of the three standard game modes. With Recruit serving as the tutorial mode, and Nightmare serving as the ultimate challenge, Normal is to be the expected standard for any organized game. Spawn rates for enemies is higher now and bosses gain new abilities. Players do gain access to stronger items such as the XM814 Heavy Machine Gun and Reactive Armor when playing in the Easy Company Campaign. Overall team coordination and individual skill are more necessary in Normal Mode.

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