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Combining the lore and gameplay information for a unit may result in a large and unwieldy article. To prevent this it may be advantageous to create separate lore and gameplay articles. This page deals with writing lore unit articles. For gameplay, see Writing unit gameplay articles.

The following are not all the possible sections that may or must be included. This must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Article nameEdit

The article name should be the name of the unit. Exceptions may be deemed appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

Link to gameplay pagesEdit

Affix Template:Lore to the top of each article. See the template for documentation and usage examples.


After the notice is the in-universe exposition of describing the unit's history, general properties, and significance. This section need not have a header. This makes it easier to incorporate into featured content blurbs.

If size permits the historical and properties information may be separated into discreet level 2 sections.

Unit variationsEdit

A unit may have information unique to discreet portions of the Night of the Dead universe and not strictly relevant to a general description of the unit. This in-universe section is to record such information.

Another example may be a unit, such as marines, employed by multiple organizations. Differences in equipment, organization, and history would be noted here.


Fan-developed strategy should go in the gameplay articles (see Writing unit gameplay articles).

A link to a product-specific gameplay article may be appropriate here. Links to the unit quotation repositories may also be appropriate here.

Notes and triviaEdit

Articles may include a section to point out the relationship a Night of the Dead object may have with an out-of-universe object. Please see the Template:Pol-Trivia for ideas on how to determine what is acceptable for these sections.


Preference should be given to images taken from non-gameplay sources such as cinematics, story-mode scenes, rendered art, etc.. Additional images may be appended to a small gallery near the end of the article. A link to the unit's image category may accompany the gallery.

For general image usage guidelines, see Help:Images.


Lore articles should refrain from using gameplay templates. The most prevalent templates for lore articles are the lore navigation boxes.


Lore articles should not use gameplay article categories.


All articles should include a References section at the bottom. This may be done by adding the following code:




or for pages with lots of references

<div style="height:200px;width:100%;overflow:auto;"> {{reflist|2}} </div>

For more on referencing see Referencing.

Helpful TemplatesEdit


  • Flags a page as needing some sort of improvement. See the template for usage details.


  • Nominates a page for deletion. See the template for usage details.
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