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The following is an aid concerning the usage of names and nouns, and the determination of which nouns should be used as common nouns, and which should be used as proper nouns. This has been influenced by a change in the writing style used by Blizzard (for websites, novels, etc.) starting in 2006.

These guidelines do not apply to direct quotations inserted into articles from books, the manuals and the games. Those should be inserted into articles with any capitalization left unchanged and intact.

General guidelinesEdit

Individual ship and vehicle namesEdit

Names given to individual ships and vehicles should be italicized with every use, and used like the names of people. For example, the following is a correct usage:

Dominion commanders feared Hyperion.

Note the italicization and the lack of a the before the name of the ship. The following are incorrect usages:

The wheels on the Norad II go round and round...
See how Gantrithor stands at the plate like a mighty colossus, the bat resting gently off his shoulder.

Individual lesser entity namesEdit

Lesser entities given unique names may be italicized the first time it is used in article. Following that they need not be italicized. For example:

Jim Raynor taught the protoss to play football using Uraj. Alas, Artanis fumbled and that is how Uraj received its first chip.

Entity group class namesEdit

Entity class names are used to identify groups of objects. These include ship class names. These should be italicized with every use. For example:

Hyperion is a Behemoth-class battlecruiser.
The Mercer-class doomsday device is lost forever... or is it?

Entity group nicknamesEdit

Groups of lesser entities may be identified with nicknames. In the real world, this occurs with many military aircraft types. Nicknames may be italicized the first time it is used in article. Following that they need not be italicized. For example:

By some convoluted convention, the engineers ended up naming it the AH/G-24 Banshee. Fortunately, the Banshee's engineering benefited from more deliberate thought.


Names of races and zerg strains are considered common nouns.[1] This is a change from the previous Blizzard style.


"protoss", "terran", "zerg", "xel'naga", "zergling", "ultralisk"


  • Zerg enjoy sausage, they just enjoy sausage made from a wider range of sources.
  • It was unwise for the terran to stick a fork in the electrical outlet.

Factions and NationalitiesEdit

Faction and nationalities names, and truncated references to specific nationalities and factions, are proper nouns.


"Alpha Squadron", "Conclave", "Dark Templar" (the faction), "Swarm", "Terran Dominion"


  • The Confederacy's favorite pastime was partying.
  • The Battle of Mindboggulus was to have been decided by a game of chess between the protoss and the Terran Dominion, but the latter proved to be sore losers.
  • Ten thousand kitchens would have difficulty making breakfast for the zerg Swarm.

Professions, Roles, and TitlesEdit

Professions, roles, and titles may be regarded as common nouns most of the time. Most building and unit names fall into this category.


"battlecruiser", "dark templar" (member of the faction), "executor", "marine", "siege tank", "zealot"


  • The medic smashed her shield down on the zergling's head. The shield smashed and the zergling took on the personality of a puppy. Needless to say, it followed her home.
  • Do protoss eat bananas in their carriers?
  • The general was not pleased.
  • Marines do it in their suits.


Certain professions and titles may be capitalized if used in conjunction with a proper noun.


  • When the Vulture's engine failed to start, Ensign Bigwig suggested they give it a good whack.
  • Arcturus Mengsk doesn't mind being called Mr. Emperor.

Classes and NicknamesEdit

Class names or nicknames, as frequently used for vehicles, should be considered proper nouns, even though their associated roles remain common nouns.


"Behemoth" (battlecruiser class), "Valkyrie" (missile frigate)


  • I hear the new Minotaur-class battlecruisers have amusement parks onboard. Where did I hear that? That's what the navy recruiter told me...
  • The AH/G-24 Banshee is easy to fly. On the other hand, the Banshee is also difficult to master.
  • When your C-14 jams hold it like this and shake. If that fails you can always use the Impaler as a club.

Other Common NounsEdit

Other Proper NounsEdit


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