NOTD Update - May 2011 (Month 9)
Completion Stage: 80%

A 3rd batch of new NOTD gameplay videos have been released on Demo, Flamer, Cronus and NOTD Development.

Development of NOTD is winding down as work on our new company (Blueberry) starts to pick up. We're working hard the next 2 months to polish what we have via aesthetics and improved pacing. I expect to complete another 2-3 class trailers in May - with an education focus that will be used on our NOTD Wiki.

Key Work Completed

- Improved talent aesthetics
- Improved boss fights
- Improved Alpha Company/Sec Team storylines
- Optional missions added/polished
- Significant class balancing/updates

Priorities for May

- Epic boss fights (final boss in Sec Team)
- Improved pacing
- Stronger storyline focus
- 3 additional class trailers
Vision For the Final Game
- Completion by end-June 2011
- Reference-quality SC2 map (measured via Featured Map/external awards)
- Top 20 map in all SC2 servers

Help Needed from Community

- Share ideas for NOTD class trailers (choreography, style)
- Like Us on Facebook
- Share NOTD YouTube trailers with your friends and/or subscribe to the channel

Credit system reset this weekend - Q&A - May 24 (2011)
Hi all, we'll be reseting the credits system this weekend. Here are some basic Q&As.

Why? There have been too many exploits and abuses in the early development of the system.

Is there any other alternative to fix the exploits? Unfortunately, there isn't. There isn't any fool-proof way to differentiate between legitimate users and exploiters. This was a tough call to make, but we have to do it.

Why now? The Credit system is now relatively stable with zero issues reported in the past week. Earendil has worked very hard to get this fixed.

I earned my credits legitimately /sad face We understand the frustration and apologize for the inconvenience caused. We've shared our plans early with the veterans and >90% of them agree to a Credit system reset. We will do our best to ensure that there will be no resets in the future.

What does this reset affect? It resets your Credits to 0, and removes your Color Customization, Weapon Mods, Black Ops Insignia, and custom pet. This reset doesn't affect XP, Rating, Karma and Medals.