NOTD Update - Mar 2011 (Month 7)
Completion Stage: 55%

Polishing work is running full steam and taking up 100% of the development team's time. Among the big changes you've seen are Gunship Support, Gravity Gun, UI improvement and many talent aesthetics. Related to polishing, we need help from the community to update our website. There was some promising drafts being done by some folks, and we hope to see a follow through on it. We also like to thank Quassy for helping complete all the class portraits - helping give NOTD a distinct look. A lot of community effort is going into helping make NOTD better.

New NOTD gameplay trailers have been released which received positive feedback from the community. The objective of these trailers is to help me learn how to make basic trailers while showing new players what the game plays like. Some veterans also liked seeing the game in Ultra graphics settings as they normally play on Low/Medium. We will be working on some high quality trailers in end-May onwards once the game's look and feel are closer to the end state.

We have the fastest growing Facebook community with 1175 fans (up from 740 last month). We're only 89 fans away from Sotis' fan count. This makes us the 2nd largest sc2 mod community globally. It is a strong indication that the community is growing, but it also means we need to work harder to improve the game.

Key Work Completed

- Improved ambiance and storyline work
- Improved UI
- More Items (focus on Gravity Gun)
- Polished talents (mainly SFX)

Priorities for March

- Optional missions
- Credits system
- Improved boss fights

Vision For the Final Game

- Completion by June 2011 (possible extension to Aug'11)
- Reference-quality SC2 map (measured via Featured Map/external awards)
- Top 20 map in all SC2 servers

Help Needed from Community

- Share ideas to improve NOTD's polish in our forums
- Like Us on Facebook
- Share our YouTube gameplay trailers with your friends
A Personal Decision - March 24 (2011)
I enjoy working on NOTD but my current job requires too much time. Between both, I'd rather work on NOTD as I see a lot of promise in it. I am contemplating resigning in end-May and taking 1-2 months break in Jun/Jul'11 to work full time on NOTD, before getting a low-involvement job back in Singapore that will give me more personal time.

Would the community be able to support a little donations during this time (to pay rent/utilities)? It would keep some worries away from my mind and help me focus on NOTD full time. I'll make a final decision on this by end-Mar.


Updated - Class Specialization System - March 20 (2011)
Hi all, this updates you on an updated class specialization system. We've received a lot of feedback from the community in the past 2 months on this. This will come live to most servers in a few days.


- Simple to execute and understand
- Minimize pigeon-holing into playing 1 class

Key Mechanics

- Every class slot* now has specialization points
- Everytime you win the game alive, you will earn 1 specialization point on the class you used. At this time, all your other classes have a 25% chance to lose a specialization point (natural decay)
- You unlock Tier 1 specialization at 5 points and Tier 2 specialization at 10 points


  • Tier 1 - Minor base stat improvements
  • Tier 2 - +1 Talent Point


- No limit to specialization points you can earn. You can farm it at expense of other classes if you wish to get a high decay buffer on it.
- If you have 10 specialization points on Medic, it should take you about 40 non-Medic games to lose all points on average
- At any stage in your career, you can choose to earn new specializations at your discretion. Some players would focus on their Top 3 classes as a strategy. It really depends on you.
- You don't earn/lose any specialization points if you die (victory/defeat)
- Points tracking will be visible to players at class selection screen only once you hit 5k XP. This is to reward players for 5k XP mark and minimize complexity for new players. (displays will be up by end-Mar)

Appendix Class Slots

1 - Rifleman
2 - Medic
3 - Assault/Flamer/Bob
4 - Recon
5 - Marksman
6 - Demo/FO
7 - Engineer
8 - Commando/Psi Ops
Possible SotIS Collaboration - March 31 (2011)
Hi all, this shares that Earendil will be contacting the Sotis team to propose a possible collaboration that may be entirely separate work from NOTD. The intent is to help capitalize on this unique opportunity to work with the top custom map in StarCraft. Earendil is looking for a professional games design career and I think this is a fantastic opportunity for him if it happens. We've recently reached a milestone in becoming the largest StarCraft custom mod fan base on Facebook and believe the timing is right. We will still work hard on NOTD while this happens.

What's In It For SotIS

- Earendil is the co-developer of NOTD, one of the most popular custom mods in StarCraft and recognized externally by PCGamer and other external publications
- Engage top minds in NOTD team to help strengthen SotIS as it prepares for league/professional sports or even direct hire into an external company

What's In It For NOTD?

- Increase NOTD interest level with SotIS fan base
- Port over some SotIS best practices to NOTD
- Possible bank file sharing if an alliance is made