NOTD Update - Feb 2011 (Month 6)
Completion Stage: 45%

Polishing work has begun primarily on the first 2 storylines and class talents. We've added 5 new bosses (Bonnie & Clyde, Perses, Cerebus, Menoetes, Cronus) and refined existing ones like Ivax. We've revised the Recon and Marksman talents to ensure their left trees offer more value to players. This month, we'll be adding more bosses, especially to Sec Team storyline (Chapter 3). In addition, we will be revising the Engineer's Construction tree.

We will start implementing some optional missions that the community has proposed in the NOTD Discussions forum. The intent for these missions is to enhance variability and replayability.

There is a lot of hard work to come and this becomes a critical time that defines the look and feel of NOTD. I've started a discussion on how we want NOTD to be (action, satire, etc) and the team will also be reflecting on where we want to go from here. We'll continue giving regular updates to our strong Facebook fan base (740 members and growing).

Key Work Completed

- Base talents and storyline content completed
- Fixed many core game bugs
- Game pacing improved

Priorities for February

- Improved ambiance and storyline work
- Improved UI
- More Items (focus on Gravity Gun)
- Polished talents (mainly SFX)

Vision For the Final Game

- Completion by June 2011 (possible extension to Aug'11)
- Reference-quality SC2 map (measured via Featured Map/external awards)
- Top 20 map in all SC2 servers

Help Needed from Community

- Share ideas to improve NOTD's polish in our forums
- Like Us on Facebook
- Help update the NOTD entry on StarCraft Wikia
Lunar New Year Break (until 8 Feb)
Hi all, there won't be map updates for 1 week. I'll be back in Malaysia and working on the map offline occasionally. The next patch will be uploaded on Tuesday (8 Feb). To those celebrating the lunar new year, happy Tet and Chinese New Year.