NOTD Update - Oct 2010 (Month 2)
Completion Stage: 10%

We've completed all the objectives we've set out to do in Month 1. We have a strong Beta player base in SEA/US/EU servers (Top 20 map in most servers - around 3500 games played per hour globally). This has helped us get feedback a lot quicker than when the map was only in SEA server last month. Thank you to the Community, and also the Development team for the good work.

Due to our limited time (full-time work/school for team), we are focusing now on principal development (game engine, items, units, talents) until mid-Nov. After that, we'll drive hard on polishing (ambience, spell animations, UI, aesthetics, story). This means that NOTD may not look 'pretty' until Dec, which is in time for the Christmas break. Players have voted with their clicks and told us that they prefer an ugly-looking game with high replay value (Nexus Wars, Red TD, etc) vs a beautiful mod that losses it's appeal after a few games.

- Sniper/Recon/Demo talent trees completed
- Basic Chapter 2 in place
- More gameplay mechanics added for veteran teams
- Ailments & additional items added (more to come)
- NOTD draft trailer published with 3,800 views to date

Priorities for October

- All Class Talents complete & balanced
- Refined Chapter 2
- Basic Chapter 3
- Raid UI & revamped leaderboard
- Upgraded Save System
- In-game help for new players

Vision For the Final Game

- Completion by June 2011
- Reference-quality SC2 map
- Best & most popular survival map on SC2

Help Needed from Community

- Share NOTD with your friends
- Continue giving specific & actionable feedback
- Like Us on Facebook
NOTD Launch at EU Server - Sep 23 (2010)
Good News: I've bought my EU Battle.Net account and StarCraft 2

Bad News: My download tracker isn't working

I'll keep trying to download the EU SC2 every day, but worst case I'll have to download it when I'm in Singapore mid-Oct. This means that the launch of NOTD may potentially be delayed for 2 weeks (vs original launch date of 1 Oct). I apologize to the EU players who have been waiting patiently for this.

On the upside, it's inevitable that NOTD will be in EU servers (I already paid 40 quid). I'm looking forward to hear more from our EU players soon.

NOTD Deleted from EU for 2 Days - Will Be Back on Sunday - October 8 (2010)
NOTD Deleted from EU for 2 Days - Will Be Back on Sunday

I'm in Singapore now and am having issues uploading the map on US/EU servers. Earendil will be helping me update the SEA server map.

I'll be back home to Bangkok next Thursday and will make the updates in other servers then.

Popularity There is a known issue with Blizzard not recognizing games played in several servers. This has happened with some maps (e.g. the original Nexus Wars has 0 games played in a server and the owner needed to create an alternate map). We may have to upload a totally new map next weekend. This will reset the version count to 0 for all servers.