NOTD Update - Sep 2010 (Month 1)
Thank you for your support and feedback on NOTD. The team has worked hard the past month to build up a lot of the game fundamentals. NOTD is only 5% done at this stage.

The 1-month old NOTD has achieved the following:

- 3 classes with basic talent trees
- Basic Chapter 1 (2 bosses, 3 optional missions)
- Automated & improved Save/Load system
Priorities for the next month:
- Basic talent trees for Sniper, Recon & Demolitions
- Refined Chapter 1
- Basic Chapter 2
- Ailment system
- Additional items/weapons

Vision for the final game:

- Reference-quality SC2 map
- Best & most popular survival map on SC2

Help Needed from Community:

- Continue giving feedback. This helps us improve. We also need more people giving feedback, so that there won't be an oligopoly of ideas.
- Share NOTD with your friends
NOTD Gameplay Trailer - September 30 (2010)
Here's a temporary trailer for NOTD. Credits to Earendil for making this. We'll make a higher quality one in the next 2 months once the map is more developed.

NOTD Gameplay Trailer