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8th February—Night of the Dead Wiki featured in Blizzard Arcade Highlight
Blizzard featured Night of the Dead in its Arcade weekly spotlight.
Class Updates March 2012 (Month 20)
Chem Expert Updates

Chem Expert will be live in Sec Team storyline by next weekend for storyline balancing. We're still doing testing and the latest patch should see some improvements and stabilization. Due to the high quantity of venom that gets spread into the team, we've decided to test having an innate Anti-Venom ability on the Chem Expert. It's base Shields have also been improved from 20 to 35 due to its need for situational proximity with enemies and also slower base MS. We've also fixed some bugs which were causing undue Friendly Fire. Tooltip warnings on FF are also more clear now.

Technician Updates

Some fine-tuning on the Technician has also been made:

1) Bogey Beast: Added the ability to switch between AM rounds (single-target and high damage) and HE-F rounds (AOE damage with Open Wound stacking) to improve its versatility. Base energy cost has also been reduced from 80 to 60.

2) Maintenance Drone: Drones are now permanent and synergize with the turret for vision. We've also removed its ability to deal damage to structures for balance reasons (cheesing Domes in Sec Team B).

3) March of the Machines: Removed the attack queue system and the player needs to pay constant attention otherwise a manual override to attack allies may fire.