Unit Portrait
Meno P
Unit Model
Enemy Statistics
Boss Name: Menoetes
Campaign: Easy Company
Chapter: 1
Minimum Health: 5000
Maximum Health: Unknown
Armor: 1
Movespeed: 3.375
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): meno, mentos
Ability: False Skeleton
Ability: Thrall Master


An extremely large and yet surprisingly fast creature which wanders Apollo disturbing the subterranean Worms under the surface to rise up and strike out at those above them. When the Worms appear, the first thing they see are the legs of unsuspecting victims, and they lash out, inflicting Cripple on those who were in the area. Menoetes itself does not have any attacks and relies on its speed to escape pursuers. It can disrupt worms to rise up at any distance and mostly within close proximity to a Marine. A tell tale sign for the Worms is the ground being disturbed and then the Worms breaks through giving Marines a small time to move away.


Menoetes very appearance is somewhat random. He will only appear during Easy Company after Erebos has been defeated. However, sometimes he does not appear altogether, which denies the team the extra experience, but they avoid a painful nuisance. It should be noted that he no longer appears in Recruit Mode unless the Squad Rating is more than 1650. When he does appear, he will be briefly displayed on the Mini-Map with a boss indicator. Unfortunately, the team are likely pressing an advance towards either the Nydus Worms or Fortress. Unless he spawns nearby or the team intercepts his route, he may easily escape. When you do confront him, it is best to hit him with everything and the kitchen sink. Every character with a stun should use theirs. Chain stuns as best you can. Assaults' Stun, the Microstuns of Blood Frenzy, Mindblast, Monofilament Cartridge, Look, Sap, and Repulse can all do their part to help. Hammer him with the highest damage skills and weapons available. If he escapes, he may turn around and run past going the opposite direction. Try to Laser Designate him if possible. Once Menoetes falls his barrage of worms will cease.

False SkeletonEdit

While Menoetes's body is actually very large, his massive frame is supported by cartilage rather than bone. This strange mutation allows him to squeeze his body through tight spaces to escape any pursuing marines. Marines should make note of this ability as it allows him to escape from situations where he might appear to be trapped.

Thrall MasterEdit

While alive, Menoetes will barrage marine's with a never ending swarm of Infested Worms. These worms deal great damage on contact, and will almost always Cripple their targets. However, they take several seconds to unburrow, and can be somewhat easily avoided. That being said, they make holding out on clustered terrain difficult at best, and serve as a major nuisance, as well as a severe burden for most Medics.

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