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Item Information
Item Name: Medkit
Rarity: Common
Influences: Health
Bundle Size: 3
Maximum Stack: 6
Weight: None

The standard UCG Medkit contains all the items needed to treat all but the most serious of injuries. It is easily self administered, but takes several seconds for the full effects to be felt. Players should all try to carry a stack of medkits, and use them whenever they feel threatened or see that the Medic's workload is overwhelming. Stockpiling excess medkits in areas the team plans to visit later, such as hold out locations or boss arenas, is a wise idea.

Medkits can always be found at the Easy Company Spawn, Starport, Military Base, near debris south of the Tartarus Airlock gate, and on highground east of the egg patch south Airlock gate.

Typing -nc and enabling Navy Cross mode at the begining of a Normal/Hardened/Vet or Nightmare game will remove all Medkits from the map and players' inventory.

-Heals 125 health over 10 seconds
-Multiples can be used at the same time resulting in greater healing
-Max of 6 per bundle
-Grabbed in bundles of 3
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