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In Game Appearance
Weapon Information
Weapon Name: Medium Machine Gun
Weapon Type: Normal
Ammo Type: Normal
Weapon Statistics
Damage: 15 [+3 Braced]
Bonus Damage: +5 vs Armored
Armor Reduction: 0.75
Attack Speed: 0.2
Splash Radius: 1.25
Range: 12 [+3 Braced]
Reload Time: 4.5
Equip Time: 2.5
Weapon Weight: 18
Weapon Special: None
Weapon Function: Firing Stance
Other Information
Nickname(s): MMG

“Also known as general-purpose machine guns or universal machine guns, a medium machine gun is significantly heavier than the standard assault rifle but still uses the same ammunition. They are commonly used to lay down suppressive fire or engage lightly armored targets such as vehicles.”

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