Unit Portrait
Previewer 160
Unit Model
Ally Statistics
Unit Name: Marine
Health: 180
Shields: 35
Armor: 1
Energy: 160
Damage: 12
Attack Speed: 0.4
Range: 13
Move Speed: 2.25
Type Classification
Biological: Yes
Light: Yes
Armored: No
Massive: No
Mechanical: No

The backbone of the UGC military, Marines compose the bulk of their infantry forces. Armed with only a standard-issue UA GPR-12 and a pack of stimulants, they are often the first soldiers in and the last out of any major combat operation. Marines have very basic Power Armor that lacks many of the functions seen on the veteran Riflemen. After several decades of dedicated service and valor, they are transferred over to the Elite Cadres.

Charlie CompanyEdit

Fighting alongside Flamethrowers, Marksmen, and backed by Corpsmen, the Marines are among the first troops from Charlie Company that engage enemy infested. They're tough and rugged. Their well rounded attributes gives them a much higher survival chance than many of their allies.

Security Team SurvivorsEdit

The Marines of one of the Apollo Security Teams survives the initial outbreak to regroup with Alpha Company. Led by Lieutenant Sheng and backed by two Navy Corpsmen, they are a self contained fighting unit. Rugged, and battle hardened, these men and women come equipped with Flamethrower MK-3s and M45 Marksman Rifles to combat the various hordes they encounter. Together the combined force makes short work of much of the surviving infestation, only to be cut down by some of Apollo's fiercest beasts. In the end, it is assumed they are killed by the renegade walker Ivax.

Security ForcesEdit

Numerous corporations and government agencies around Apollo employ private security forces composed mostly of mercenary marines. Armed in Security Team Blue, many of these soldiers are not used to combat after a boring existence monitoring checkpoints and building entrances. They quickly snap back into their role as soldiers once the outbreak begins. On both Easy Company, and the Apollo Security Team Security Marines can be found desperately trying to battle the infested, often in an attempt to protect Civilians. Often times they can be saved, and make worthy additions to any team.

Survival ModeEdit

Marines will attack alongside Marksmen during Wave 33 of Survival Mode. Their high range and damage makes them very lethal threats. Best to eliminate them with long range weapons, and as quickly as possible. High ground is the preferred location to fight them, on open ground they are too numerous and do not need to Reload.

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