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Item Information
Item Name: Magazine
Rarity: Common
Influences: Ammunition
Bundle Size: 3
Maximum Stack: 1
Weight: 1 Each

Magazines are one of the most important items in all of Night of the Dead. They provide the vital ammunition used to kill everything from the weakest Zombies, to the strongest bosses. As a rule of thumb, the more Magazines your team has, the better shape you are in. Magazines are less plentiful as difficulty increases, and that fact can become painfully obvious.

Each time you Reload you will eject a spent magazine and add a new one from your equipped magazines. More magazines are used per reload when items like the High-Capacity Magazines or skills like Ammo Feed are factored in. It should also be noted that equipped magazines (those that can be drawn from your ammo pool) have weight, and will slow your character. Generally it is ill advised to equip more than 40 magazines, but sometimes sacrifices in speed must be made to ensure you will have ammo later down the road. Likewise, magazines kept in the inventory, do not add weight, but come at the cost of using up valuable inventory space. Players can use an Ammo Box to free up space. Multiple magazines can be stored in a single Ammo Box.

Ammunition is found in bundles of 3 magazines.
Each individual magazine, when equipped, adds 3 mags to the players ammo pool.
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