Unit Portrait
Lelantos P
Unit Model
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Lelanthos
Maximum Health: Unknown
Minimum Health: Unknown
Armor: 8
Damage: 20 (x2 Broodlings)
Armor Reduction: 1
Attack Speed: 2.5
Range: 9.5 (Estimated)
Detection Radius: 4.5
Movespeed: 0.45
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): Parrot, Brood
Rarity: Very Uncommon
Unique Trait: Detector
Heavily Armored
Ability: Broodling Strike
Charge on NM: No
Survival Difference: None

A Lelanthos is a large, thickly armored creature that resembles a flying manta ray. They only appear only during certain points of the game. Lelanthos are very slow but have long range. Their attack consists of launching a pair of Broodlings at the players. In Easy Company, on anything harder than Recruit, a single Lelanthos will spawn during the Nydus Worms Mission. One or two will also spawn during the battle with Eos the Zombie Queen. Lelanthos can also be found in the Apollo Security Team Campaign. Multiple Lelanthos will attack as part of Athena's horde. A mass of Lelanthos also make up round 13 of Survival, and they can be quite difficult to deal with. In Survival, it is typically best to dodge them early on and take them down later with a Stinger or AOE skill.


Lelanthos can detect cloaked units in a 4.5 radius. Any unit using cloak to avoid enemies should use caution when near a Lelanthos. The Broodlings can not detect, so moving out of a Lelanthos's detection range will prevent the Broodlings from attacking further.


A Lelanthos will fly over terrain and obstacles to reach players. This it they may ambush the team by attacking from higher ground, or from behind sight obstructions.

Heavily ArmoredEdit

A Lelanthos has thick armor making it resistant to many weapons. Armor piercing weapons and skills like the Barrett M112, Stinger, XM814 Heavy Machine Gun, AER138 Laser Rifle, and OSOK perform well against Lelanthos.

Broodling StrikeEdit

Broodlings will inflict 20 damage on impact, then attack players with their claws. The Broodling launch range is long, and the broodlings will chase and attack players as long as they are alive.

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