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In Game Appearance
Item Information
Item Name: Kinetic Armor
Rarity: Rare
Influences: Armor
Bundle Size: 1
Maximum Stack: 1
Weight: 8

Kinetic Armor is another rare armor that distorts normal armor mechanics. It works in a very similar manner to Reactive Armor. Kinetic Armor adds a measly 1 armor, but reduces incoming ranged attacks of up to 200 damage to a maximum of 14 damage. This works against most boss abilities but has little other use. Infested Marines, NotD's most common ranged enemy, do exactly 15 damage, making the armor nearly worthless against them; however, it will help against Gargoyles. Kinetic Armor will also reduce the damage of friendly fire, including the heavy splash damage of the Stinger.

Kinetic Armor cannot be found in Easy Company, regardless of difficulty. One Kinetic Armor can be found in Alpha Company in Chapter 1, and two can be found in the opening chapter of Apollo Security Team. A total of 4 Kinetic Armors are dropped throughout the course of Survival's 40 rounds.

As a general rule, it is wise for tanking classes to carry a C4 or C6 and/or Reactive Armor in addition to Kinetic Armor. Kinetic Armor will only add one armor point for Melee hits and any ranged hit over 200 or under 14. It is wise to wear C4 or C6 against standard zombie types and use Kinetic Armor in special situations.

Because of the light weight, it is common to give Kinetic Armor to lighter classes. Tanking classes can then borrow it situationally. Kinetic Armor is particularly helpful against close range Stinger blasts. A player with Kinetic Armor can fire the Stinger at close range and take minimal damage.

Kinetic Armor will protect against Seth's Plasma Disruptor.

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