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Military Base after Infection

After downloading the data logs at Mine Site Epsilon, one of General Koller's commands is to search the Apollo Starport to learn what became of the military installation.

Upon reaching the Starport it becomes clear that an enormous battle took place here. The corpses of several Alpha Company and Security Team Remnants can be seen laid up against their sandbags and other hastily constructed defenses. After arriving, Easy Co alerts the remainder of a large horde in the area. They are immediately assaulted from all sides by a massive horde of zombies and ghouls. Hulks and Stalkers also attack, and become more numerous as Squad Rating increases.

Midway through the attack Easy Company is instructed to collect tissue samples from the infested control tower at the center of the base. Step on the three hexes to collect samples as fast as possible. Complete this quickly for Performance Bonus Experience. Take too long and the team receives a Rating loss penalty. After finishing the mission, proceed north as you kill off the surviving enemies from the horde.

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