Unit Portrait
Infested Marine P
Unit Model
Infested Marine
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Infested Marine
Maximum Health: 128
Minimum Health: Unknown
Armor: 3
Damage: 15
(10 vs Mechanical)
Armor Reduction: 1
Attack Speed: 0.6
Range: 5.5
Detection Radius: N/A
Movespeed: 1.5
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): Infested Rine
Rarity: Uncommon
Unique Trait: Ranged Attack

Shoot Down Rockets

Ability: None
Charge on NM: No
Survival Difference: None

Infested Marines are the forrmer security personnel of the Apollo Mining Colony that have fallen to the infestation. They still wield their UA General Purpose Rifle-12, making them one of the few ranged enemies. They are far deadlier than many of their zombie brethren. Often, they travel in numbers or alongside other infested, letting beefier hordes tank the damage while they fire from the rear. Players should be wary of Infested Marines firing on them from high ground or from beyond your line of sight. Infested Marines share sight with other infested. Be cautious of them even when on high ground, Agrons and Gargoyles are infamous for sharing sight with infested marines below. The creatures themselves are frail, but your GPR-12 is relatively ineffective against them, although, it does have superior range. If you are willing to take a few hits to ensure a faster kill, the Flamethrower is far more effective. Infested Marines are competent enough marksmen to shoot Stinger rockets mid-flight, effectively disabling the warhead.

Infested Marines are fairly uncommon. They appear during the Nydus Worms Mission and Bio-Dome A on Easy Company and form several large hordes on Alpha Company, as well as being mixed in with most major hordes after Demeter. The Apollo Security Team is another story altogether. These infested are extremely numerous and make up a good portion of the hordes during Chapter 1. M-5 Pulse Rifles and SMGs are effective in dealing with them.

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