Unit Portrait
Immortal P
Unit Model
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Immortal
Maximum Health: 228
Minimum Health: Unknown
Armor: 5
Damage: 25
Armor Reduction: 2
Attack Speed: 0.7
Range: Melee
Detection Radius: N/A
Movespeed: 1.3
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): Immot
Rarity: Uncommon
Unique Trait: Revive
Ability: None
Charge on NM: Yes
Survival Difference: None

Immortals are the most resilient of all Zombie-type enemies. Thankfully, they are also among the rarest. Immortals are infamous for their ability to resurrect themselves multiple times after being put down. Any given Immortal can resurrect up to 5 times. Immortals are never found wandering. They are always part of a larger group. During Easy Company they will only appear as part of Bio Dome A or during the Queen's final horde. In Alpha Company they appear as part of several large waves during the initial fighting sequences, one before, and another after the battle with Demeter. They will attack again as part of the Zombie Hordes before and during the Gas Sequence.


Immortals are a genetic variant that enables extremely fast cell duplication. Though this is no more effective than a regular zombie when dealing with healing, an immortal is capable of reconstructing necessary parts of itself, such as claws and legs, from any part of its body. Though, in the process of duplication, the genetic code is degraded. After several revives, the immortal is incapable of duplicating itself and is permanently dead. In addition, strong attacks can render the immortal unable to regenerate, causing it to permanently die prematurely. However, the only weapon capable of this is the Barrett M112. Luckily, a number of skills can also put an Immortal down (see list below).

Skills that permanently kill Immortals

  • Precision Shot
  • One Shot One Kill
  • BURN!
  • Inferno
  • Shatter
  • Napalm Barrage

Weapons that permanently kill Immortals