Helium-3 Canister
Helium 3
Item Information
Item Name: H-3 Canister
Rarity: Epic
Influences: Credits
Weight: None
Limits: Varies

Helium-3, sometimes simply referred to as "H-3", is a non-radioactive isotope of the element Helium found in relatively abundance in pockets buried deep under the surface of the Moon. Extremely rare on Earth, the gas is, for reasons unbeknownst to science, relatively common on the moon. Theories range from the remnants of an ancient and long gone atmosphere to gas leftover from the solar system's creation. Although the technology existed as early as 2031, it was not until 2068 that mining operations began to go full scaled under the backing of the relatively new UGC. Incorporated as a second-generation fusion fuel, Helium-3 is clean and far more efficient than oil or natural gas as a source of energy, Helium-3 is in many ways a "miracle cure" for the problems faced in the mid 21st century by the end of the age of oil.

Unlike most gases found on Earth, Helium 3 does not always exist in a gaseous state on the Moon. As a primordial nuclide, H-3 tend to leak towards the surface and is frozen in large crystalline formations in the upper layer of lunar regolith. Surface H-3 is easily recovered, but must be processed in a sealed chamber and purified before it is fit for industrial applications. On the opposite end of the spectrum, H-3 found deep beneath the surface is gaseous, but protected by thousands of meters of thick rock. The low atmospheric levels of the terraformed lunar surface proved more difficult a place to mine from compared to the earth. Limited Oxygen supply and constant freezing problems plague the machineries, as a result near constant maintenance is required to ensure on-going mining operations. Once H-3 has been reached, piping is fed down into the source pocket and the gas is extracted into large Canisters. These are then loaded onto massive cargo ships to be hauled back to earth for refinery and consumption.

In GameEdit

While playing Night of the Dead, Helium-3 Canisters are among the most common source of Credits. A valuable in game currency, H-3 canisters are highly sought out and coveted by players, especially on higher difficulties where they become more commonplace. They must physically be grabbed by a player or Pet, and cannot be carried by Recon Drones or grabbed by Allies.

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