Hexes are the primary method through which player characters interface with the NOTD map. Hexes are present at the location of almost every mission and are found at many key locations. There are two distinct kinds of Hexes; the player can tell their function easily based on their color.

Primary HEXEdit

Primary hex

Primary hexes are always blue in color.

Primary Hexes are used as part of, or to trigger story missions. They often times must be sat on while progress bar at the top of the screen. The Primary hexes at Mine Site Epsilon and the Apollo Starport reward players with experience when sat on. The number of players on each hex will not influence how quickly a progress bar is filled, but rather the number of occupied hexes. Often times the entire team must be present before primary hexes will activate.

Secondary HEXEdit

Secondary hex

Secondary hexes are always green in color.

Secondary Hexes are used only during optional missions. They exist primarily in two versions. Some secondary hexes are "one time use", which is to say after they've been stepped on they complete their function. Others must be sat on to fill a progress bar. These progress bars deplete rapidly if players step off the hex, making optional missions more tricky in nature. Most secondary hexes are removed from the map after their related mission is completed.

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