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Gravity Gun
In Game Appearance
Weapon Information
Weapon Name: Gravity Gun
Ammo Consumption: None, consumes energy
Item Rarity: Rare
Weapon Statistics
Base Damage: 50
Armor Reduction: Unknown
Attack Speed: Unknown
Splash Radius: Unknown
Range: Unknown
Reload: None
Equip Time: 0.7
Weapon Weight: 12
Targets: Ground Only (Attack)
Damage Modifiers
Versus Biological: 0
Versus Light: 0
Versus Armored: 0
Versus Massive: 0
Versus Psionic: 0
Versus Heroic: 0
Versus Mechanical: 0
Versus Structure: 0
Other Information
Nickname(s): GG, grav gun
Available in Recruit: No
Credit Cost: Not for Sale
Unique Trait: Can manipulate objects

Product of White Mesa Research Facility. Not authorized for civilian use.

Note: The Weapon cannot grab large enemies, structures, or bosses and cannot throw other players. Disclaimer: This weapon has been removed by the demand of Ability it is unclear if this weapon still exists or not

The Gravity Gun is a very unique and powerful weapon. There is only one per campaign. It does not attack like a normal weapon. The user must physically mark the area to attack. This is an AoE blast. The weapon also has the unique ability to pick up objects, most enemies, players, and items and fire them as makeshift projectiles.

This weapon is no longer available in Survival Mode.

Limited StrengthEdit

Due to limits in the generated gravitic field, the gravity gun cannot grab every character encountered on the map. Most massive units, such as agrons and Devastators cannot be grabbed the grav gun. They can however still be knocked around by other thrown objects. Likewise, all bosses are totally immune to being grabbed, and most are much more resilient to being knocked around.

Dual AttackEdit

The Gravity Gun features two attack modes. Clicking with A triggers a wave like blast of gravity energy that deals damage to anything it touches, and slows enemies greatly. However, the player's Combat Knife is replaced by the Grab command when using the weapon. This allows the user to grab, drop, or throw almost any unit in-game.