Unit Portrait
Gargoyle P
Unit Model
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Gargoyle
Maximum Health: 206
Minimum Health: 98
Armor: 1
Damage: 25
Armor Reduction: 3
Attack Speed: 4
Range: 1.2
Detection Radius: N/A
Movespeed: 2.6992
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): Muta, Garg
Rarity: Very Common
Unique Trait: Flyer
Ability: None
Charge on NM: Yes
Survival Difference: None

Gargoyles are the primary flying enemy faced in NOTD. They are most common during Chapter 2 of Easy Company, but appear often in all campaigns. The combination high movespeed, flight, and strong attack make them among the most hated enemies in all of Night of the Dead. They also compose the primary elements of the final wave during the Second Holdout and Bio-Dome B. The UA GPR-12 has minimal effect against Gargoyles. The M45 Marksman Rifle and P-45 Gauss Pistol are much more effective against a lone Gargoyle. The SMG, Shotgun, and M5 Pulse Rifle are almost unmatched when it comes to fighting swarms of the creatures.