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Tooltip Icon
In Game Appearance
Weapon Information
Weapon Name: Flamethrower
Weapon Type: Normal
Ammo Type: Normal
Weapon Statistics
Damage: 10 x 12 Flames
Bonus Damage: None
Armor Reduction: 0
Attack Speed: 1.15
Splash Radius: 0.25 Width, 4.5 Length
Range: 4 (Ground Only)
Reload Time: 3.5
Equip Time: 2.5
Weapon Weight: 16
Weapon Special: None
Weapon Function: None
Other Information
Nickname(s): Flamer

“A powerful energy weapon that projects bursts of plasma in a line. Targets closer to the source of the stream take exponentially increased damage. It is short range and heavy, but effective against all ground targets.”

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