Unit Portrait
F19 P
Unit Model
Terrain 276
Ally Statistics
Unit Name: F-19 Bomber
Health: Unknown
Shields: Unknown
Armor: Unknown
Energy: Unknown
Damage: 75 or 150
Attack Speed: Unknown
Range: 7 Radius
Move Speed: Unknown
Type Classification
Biological: No
Light: Yes
Armored: Yes
Massive: No
Mechanical: Yes

The Newest in a long line of fighter-bombers, the F-19 is capable of spacial and atmospheric operations. When fighting in a low-atmosphere environment, F-19s are armed with guided missiles, magnetic bombs, and zero-gravity mines to disable and destroy space stations, platforms, and capital ships. When deployed in atmosphere it can carry a wide array of payloads ranging from standard cluster bombs to air-to-surface missiles.

The F-19s on Apollo are called upon by the Forward Observers of Alpha Company to deliver hell to the enemy. Should Easy Company take too long to stop the Queen, General Koller decides to cut his loses and sends in all available squadrons of F-19s to Apollo. The tactic is to bomb the entire colony into the ground, leaving nothing alive, and its name is Broken Arrow.

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