Experience Requirement

The Easy Company Campaign is unlocked straight away at 0 Rank Experience.

Available Classes

Easy Company

Easy Company searches for clues after arriving.

Story Missions

These missions are required to complete the Easy Company Campaign. They are completed in a linear fashion and give experience and rating for being completed in a timely manner. Likewise, if a particular mission or boss takes too long, the team will lose ratings.

Chapter 1: Distress Call

Reach the Mine Site

Investigate the Apollo Starport

Search the Airlock

Boss 1: Tartarus / Eileithyia

Airlock Holdout

Destroy the Zombie Eggs

Boss 2: Erebos

Nydus Worms Mission

Second Holdout

Chapter 2: Apollo

Boss 2: Enhanced Erebos

Investigate Apollo

Seal the Bio-Domes

Black Ops Battle

Chapter 3: Rising Tide

Final Boss: Eos the Zombie Queen

Optional Missions

Although not necessary to complete a campaign, these side-missions can earn a team extra experience and other useful rewards for their completion.

Find Ogilvy/Ivan

Infestor Hunt

Kill the Fearsome Brain Bug

Scrapyard Loot

Security Cameras

Civilian Escort

Communications Tower Mission

Activate the Auto-Turrets

Chemical Leak

Mini-Boss: Menoetes

Mini-Boss: Lelanthos

Restart Generators

Rescue Apollo Civilians

Colonist Transport Escort

Zeus & Leto / Seth

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