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This mission is triggered after the majority of the team enters the right portion of the airlock, provided the text pop up has appeared telling them they should head back and investigate. Once triggered, a brief cutscene will show an egg hatch into a Hulk, and General Koller will warn Easy Company of the danger. Simply kill all the eggs within the allotted time to successfully complete the mission. Use high splash weapons and skills, the Flamethrower MK-3 and 590A5 Combat Shotgun are particularly effective. On higher difficulties, more eggs will spawn on the ledges, and are often missed by inexperienced players or those who are forgetful.

Brood MothersEdit

If the Squad Rating is higher than 1800 and the game is not on Recruit Mode, Brood Mothers will appear after the start of the mission. They have a large amount of health, are surprisingly fast, and have an incredibly dangerous attack. They will remain burrowed for a brief period of time but will emerge and attack once enough eggs are destroyed. Unlike other enemies, Brood Mothers can be seen while burrowed, allowing players to kill the bulk of them before they become a threat. Make sure they are all dead, as they can be extremely problematic during the fight with Erebos.

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