The Compliance Nexus on Apollo

The Compliance Nexus is a massive spire-like structure that can regulate human emotions and behavior by manipulating the electrical output of a chip implanted in the user's brain. The original prototype was created by UGC Lab 814 in 2073 to regulate the aggressive behaviors of prison inmates. By the end of the year, tests had proven so successful that Compliance Nexis were being built all over the globe in an effort to reduce crime rates as well as lessen the need for Police and Military forces.

In 2083 the Moons population had grown large enough to warrant the use of the Compliance Nexus, and construction began immediately. Currently just over half a dozen of these Nexis are active around Apollo. They form a wide stretched net of total mental dominance. It is through these very structures, once designed to keep humanity safe, that Dr. Bergmann was able to begin the uprising.

By 2102 Mars' population had reached a similar point, and the colonies had Compliance Nexis constructed on them as well.

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