Unit Model
Troop Transport
Ally Statistics
Unit Name: Colonist Transport
Health: 200 Shield
2000 Health
Shields: 25
Armor: 10
Energy: 0
Damage: 18, +9 vs Light
Attack Speed: 0.55
Range: 9
Move Speed: 1.2
Type Classification
Light: Yes
Armored: No
Massive: No
Mechanical: Yes

The Colonist Transport is a massive APC left abandoned on the outer edges of the colony. Presumably a heavy haul vehicle for moving excavated material, it does come equipped with an auto-turret to deter threats. The transport is very strong and thickly armored, making it very resilient to most threats.

In the Easy Company Campaign civilians are escorted into the transport to protect them from the zombies. Later, the truck can be escorted during the Colonist Transport Escort mission as it moves to the Containment Facility to pick up the civilians rescued during the the Seal the Bio-Domes mission.

The transport itself must be carefully protected during its slow procession across the map. It can easily get hung up on groups of enemies, and Agrons and even Eos can inflict heavy damage.

Outside of Easy Company the transport has no active role in any campaign.

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