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Unit Portrait
Previewer 157
Previewer 159
Unit Model
Terrain 305
Ally Statistics
Unit Name: Colonist
Health: 30
Shields: 1
Armor: Unknown
Energy: 10
Damage: N/A
Attack Speed: N/A
Range: N/A
Move Speed: Unknown
Type Classification
Biological: Yes
Light: Yes
Armored: No
Massive: No
Mechanical: No

The civilian population of Apollo. Many are recent migrants from Earth, while others are second or even third generation inhabitants. The bulk of the colonists are employed as miners, harvesting the H3 that fuels Earth's ever growing energy needs. A good portion of the civilian population is also dedicated to working in Apollo's many weapons testing, RND, and other military labs. The remainder are either temporary residents, bound for Mars or Earth, or service staff such that fulfill service industry roles.


A crowd of civilians gather to witness Senator Wilkins' Speech on H3 Mining.

In-game,colonists are frail, existing primarily as either cannon fodder or as mission specific rescue targets. They are present in all three campaigns, in some form or another.

Easy CompanyEdit

Civilians can be found under attack at Mine Site Epsilon. Once saved and with the Mining Colony Mission completed, they will follow your team. Additional civilians can be saved during the Civilian Escort. Both groups of colonists will proceed to the Armored Truck, and any that reach it are considered rescued. Doing so will grant bonus Experience. During the Bio-Domes Mission, the team can find and rescue more civilians in the Rescue Apollo Civilians mission. If a total of 50 civilians are saved, the team will earn the Legion of Merit medal, though only a maximum of 20 can be rescued from the Mining Colony and Civilian Escort.

Alpha CompanyEdit

Civilians will be found in the Nagakawa Bay Civilian Rescue mission.

Apollo SecurityEdit

Civilians will spawn with Team B early on.They do not have any uses.

Enemy civilians also spawn after the team has entered the armory and also when shutting down the Reactor Core.They will have to be killed or they will spawn into Zombies.

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