After entering the Airlock, the team can elect to search a downed transport. On Normal/Hardened/Veteran and Nightmare, the transport must be activated before the infested wave of the Airlock Holdout ends. In Recruit, the transport may be activated at any time.

The transport contains 39 civilians that must be escorted to an armored truck either located west of the North Bridge or directly north of the Mine Site. Part way through the journey, several of the civilians will become infested and turn on the others. These Hulks are strong against most weaponry, and the UA GPR-12 will have little affect. The Flamethrower MK-3 works well. Use of Taunt, Escape, Sonic Traps, and any stuns will increase the odds of civilian survival.

If the transport mission is not activated quickly enough on Normal/Hardened/Veteran and Nightmare, the civilians in the transport will become infested and turn to zombies. The players will be attacked by all 39 infested civilians, now zombies and seekers. Successful completion of this mission, rescue 20 civilians, earns the team 2 experience points. Rescuing as many civilians as possible will make completing the Legion of Merit medal much easier later on.

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