Established in 2055 out of the crumbling remains of the UN when the 5 major powers of the world signed an official charter known as the Unification Proclaimation. More commonly known as simply the UGC, the United Global Coalition is governed through a congress formed of elected representative Senators from the numerous metropolises of the 7 sectors on Earth. The Military has evolved into the primary peace keeper, and the Marine Corps is routinely deployed to quickly quell any civil unrest. Often this show of force is enough to deter even the most violent protestors.

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What few civilains realize is that the UGC is actually under the control of the Ouranos Council made up of 7 representives for each Sector. The Senators are meant to show a facade of democratic goverance of a Authoritarian regime in reality. The UGC government is structured in this order of descending power:

1.The Ouranos Council
2.The Senate of Atlas
3. 4 Ministries
4. The Departments underneath each Ministry

1. The Ouranos CouncilEdit

The Ouranos Council is the supreme executive ruling power-base of the UGC government. The Ouranos Council is composed of 7 representatives for the 7 sectors on Earth. Leading the Ouranos Council is the Supreme Elder who is the representative of the Earth-Central Sector. The other 6 Sector representatives are inducted into the Ouranos Council only under the permission of the Supreme Elder. Contrary to invalid beliefs, The Ouranos Council is not democratic but rather authoritarian in ruling. All decisions, final mandates and the other matters must all be decided and authorized by the Ouranos Council. In simple terms the ministries,departments, and senators of the UGC all must submit to the power of the Ouranos Council and obey by it's decisions and are politically powerless to challenge it.

2. The Senate of AtlasEdit

The Senate of Atlas is not actually a political power-base strictly speaking. The Senate of Atlas is the sole political location where the ministry and department senators are permitted to openly interact with the members of the Ouranos Council freely.

As a result this makes the Senate of Atlas an integral symbol representing the democratic power of the UGC. The meetings conducted within the Senate of Atlas are known as The Counsel. A session of Counsel is conducted in a formal and ordered manner with specific requirements in each step. The Counsel progresses in 4 stages: Presentation, Adjourning, Evaluation, and Second Adjourning.

Stage 1: PresentationEdit

After all everyone is seated and prepared within the Senate of Atlas, the Ouranos Council will dictate a list of Senators who will be speaking and the order of discussion. Only after the listing is finished may the Senators start presenting. Each designated Senator must stand up and discuss and explain their topics of interest for everyone to hear. Each Senator is only allowed a specific allotment of time for presentation and will be cut off if they overshoot the time limit.

The senators are not to converse with the Ouranos Council directly in the Senate of Atlas. Instead they must present the subject matter to a computer interface system situated in the center of the Senate of Atlas known as Metis (after the Greek goddess of good advice). Metis is programmed to be view each matter it receives in a rational manner to avoid morality affecting the purity of it's output. This makes Metisthe neutral member of the Senate of Atlas free from bias and emotions. Presentation is officially declared over once all the Senators have finished interacting with Metis.

Stage 2: AdjourningEdit

After the Senators have finished presenting, The Senate of Atlas must stand adjourned and wait as Metis calculates the data input it has received. Only after Metis has finished it's computations does the Adjourning end.

Stage 3: EvaluationEdit

During Evaluation, the computer interface system Metis offers forth logical courses of action and advice for each topic matter. After Metis has finished giving its advice, the Ouranos Council must evaluate its suggestions carefully. All other members of the Senate of Atlas must wait while this happens. The Evaluation period only ends after the Ouranos Council declares that it has reached a Final Mandate. The reason for Evaluation is to insure that the power integrity of the Ouranos Council is excised as well as to add a human element to the decision process to balance out Metis's rational logic as Metis is merely a machine.

Stage 4: Second AdjourningEdit

This is the final stage of The Counsel where the Ouranos Council's Supreme Elder declares his/her's Final Mandate. The Final Mandate is the supreme executive decision of the Supreme Elder alone and is ultimate decision on each matter. With the Final Mandate declared, The Senate of Atlas is once again Adjourned concluding the Counsel. The major flaw in this democratic facade though is that despite the genuine democratic framework, it is the Ouranos Council's Supreme Elder who gets the final word on matters no matter what. This negates the democratic purpose of the Senate of Atlas so in the end, the Final Mandate does not reflect the peoples wishes but what Earth-Central Sector government wants.

3. MinistriesEdit

The 4 Ministries of the UGC are under the control of the Senate of Atlas mostly all except for 1 ministry. The 4 Ministries are:

  • The Ministry of National Affairs (MONA)
  • The Ministry of Civil Concerns (MOCC)
  • The Ministry of Marketing Affairs (MOMA)
  • The Ministry of Innovative Thought (MOIT)

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