Medals in Night of the Dead are a special achievement used to earn additional stat points. Many are team oriented, and the players will win or fail as a group. Often the best way to earn a medal is to specifically set up a lobby attempting to earn a particular medal, and invite like-minded players. It is impossible to achieve max stats without also having a level 3 or higher rank in each and every medal.

  • Each Medal has 10 levels.
  • Points towards earning these medals are awarded upon victory.
  • Dead players are awarded points for Team Medals if the team met the medal conditions.
  • Leavers do not receive medal points even if the game ends in victory.
  • Medal point tracking and gain are disabled if the game starts with only 1 player. The Medal of Honor and Navy Cross is an exception for this rule and requires that the game 'start' with at least 3 players.
  • Points for level 1 or level 2 medals can be earned in any difficulty.
  • Points for level 3 medal or higher may only be earned in Nightmare Mode (-NM). The only exceptions to this rule are the Combat Action Ribbon and Superior Service Medal.
  • Obtaining a level 3 medal awards the player with an additional stat point.
  • Obtaining a level 3 Medal of Honor grants the player with a 2% move speed bonus.
  • Players will be notified if they received points for their medals at the end of a game.

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