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Black Ops Mode puts the players in the shoes of a Black Ops strike team rather than UGC Marines. The basic idea is that they're being sent to clean out the area of evidence (and potentially witnesses) while the higher-ups slowly cook the place with some sort of anti-biological field, which is designed to slowly shut down mental functions until complete brain death is achieved (which can very easily emanate from the Compliance Nexuses, if we're still using those). The only Infested that the players will face are the extremely hardy kind, and they will also encounter mechanical units (which are unaffected by the mental shutdown).

During the match, the players slowly "leak" experience. Starting out at level 11, the players lose their level progression by certain time earmarks by reversing the order that they chose their talents, beginning at enough talent points to max out a tree and making the inevitable march towards Level 0 and death. Games will become frantic races against time, pushing players to complete objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible to retain class abilities throughout bossfights and holdouts. It might even be possible to survive and be extracted and gain massive rewards, but this would require a specific (and difficult to obtain) sequence of events.

The idea behind all of this is bringing back "Speed" in a new and interesting way, while also allowing the players a different way to look at the game through the eyes of the BO, who posses a different moral code and rank structure from the UGC. It will also be a significant challenge, as players will be required to combat "final boss" level enemies without a large amount of the power that they're used to having by that point. Higher-tier classes that gain most of their ability power early (such as the Commando) will be borderline required and special equipment will be a must to bolster the team's lack of ability power.

Nightmare Black Ops will be the ultimate challenge of player skill, as players will have to rely on their own micro rather than reaching a point where the character's abilities propel them to victory. I also intend to grant unique rewards for the various levels of completion for NM BO, such as pet skins or emblems (which will be outlined in the "rewards" thread that I will be making eventually). - Kithrixx

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