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Barrett M112
In Game Appearance
Weapon Information
Weapon Name: Barrett M112
Ammo Consumption: 3 per shot
Item Rarity: Rare
Weapon Statistics
Base Damage: 135
Armor Reduction: 0
Attack Speed: 2.3
Splash Radius: None
Range: 25
Reload: 6
Equip Time: 2.2
Weapon Weight: 25
Targets: Air & Ground
Damage Modifiers
Versus Biological: +0
Versus Light: +0
Versus Armored: +35
Versus Massive: +35
Versus Psionic: +0
Versus Heroic: +0
Versus Mechanical: +0
Versus Structure: +0
Other Information
Nickname(s): Bar, Barrett
Available in Recruit: No
Credit Cost: 250
Unique Trait: Unique Recoil

Heavy Sniper Rifle

("This goes through armor, and the victim, and the wall, the tree outside,through another victim,through earth.....")

A larger more powerful equivalent of the M45 Marksman Rifle, the Barrett M112 trades speed for terrifying firepower. This fearsome weapon has a base damage only exceeded by the Stinger MK-3 and the L3 Grenade Launcher, placing it among the highest damages in game. As an added bonus, the M112's anti-armor rounds will totally bypass an enemy's armor, making the weapon even more effective against high armor targets like Slashers, Stranglers, and even the Zombie Queen. The Barrett can also permanently put down Immortals. However, the Barrett has a much smaller magazine size then other weapons, and as a result uses three rounds of ammunition per shot. The weapon also has among the longest reloads in game, but given its painfully slow fire rate, it should be easy to work around this fact. The M112 is not available in Recruit Mode, excluding one that may drop from Ramirez.


The Barrett M112 is typically given to the Marksman. The Subtlety Marksman can greatly increase the damage output with Critical Strike (although down to chance somewhat) and Master of Subtlety. Stealth also protects the Marksman so he can focus his attention on high value targets. The Assasination Marksman can also utilize the Barrett quite well. With the Barrett equiped, the damage from One Shot One Kill is significantly increased and Concentration can also help to bolster the damage output.


Given its enormous kick and power, the M112 gives the user a 40% Movespeed reduction each and every time it is fired. This debuff will stack up to twice and lasts for two seconds. Because of this, the M112 should be used only sparingly, when the team is either stationary, or when the high number of armored enemies demands absolute firepower. The Marksman has training specifically in the usage of this weapon and will not suffer from the recoil.

Targeting Systems

Given its tremendous firepower, the Barrett M112 has advanced targeting systems that prevent it from firing at allies. Without these it has the potential to kill allied players in a single shot, especially given its armor bypassing damage.

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