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Item Information
Item Name: Arc Reactor
Rarity: Rare
Influences: Energy & Shields
Bundle Size: 1
Maximum Stack: 2
Weight: 3

The Arc Reactor, also known as the Arc, is a very rare and valuable Marine Modification that increases the user's energy regeneration rate and shield regeneration rate. A more powerful arc reactor in the Marine's Power Pack allows more energy for suit functions and maintenance, from basic sprinting to powerful abilities. This item increases both the players energy regeneration rate and shield regeneration rate by 0.3281 (energy per second or shield per second) respectively.

In terms of priority for its usage, Field Aid Medic or Fortitude Demo gets first priority, else is shared by the rest of the team.

The Arc Reactor is fantastic for Field Aid Medics that are suffering from energy problems due to having to constantly use their abilities to keep everyone alive. If a Medic is not available or is not having energy problems, then the Arc Reactor should indeed go to the Fortitude Demo as their role of tank rely on heavy usage of their skills. If neither are in the team, it is then best given to other characters with high energy usage, or a slow energy regeneration rate. (Forward Observers, Engineers).It is worth noting that in Apollo security team the arc is given to subtlety marksman so he can use cloak and quick aim.

Passing the Arc to someone who has suffered a Short Circuit for a brief amount of time to help them regain their shields and energy is a common tactic if an Engineer is not present to repair the Short Circuit right away.

This item does not appear in Chapter 1 of Easy Company.

Increases Energy Regeneration rate by 0.3281 energy per second
Increases Shield Regeneration rate by 0.3281 shield per second
Stacks with other energy regenerative skills, namely Energy Battery
Stacks with multiple Arc Reactors (maximum 2)